Friday, December 12, 2008

I guess I still blog

The tide may be gradually turning in Al Franken's favor in the recount of his race against incumbent Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman.

Obama's expected choice of Energy Secretary looks like a fucking home run.
In other Obama news, RAHM EMANUEL IS GIVING ME NIGHTMARES. Or maybe it's just ABC...

Robert Mugabe's trying to say he was joking when he claimed Zimbabwe's Cholera epidemic was over. I'm sure it makes the people feel good when the permanent president brings out the supposed sarcasm as the streets of the capital are running with sewage and people push wheelbarrows full of cash up the street to buy a loaf of bread.

OH! Bush just bought a house in a formerly all white (It's at the bottom, read your way there.) community. Formerly like they took it out of the charter in 2000. It was one of the more tolerant of racist, charters though, as it allowed for servants of color to live there. PROGRESS!!