Sunday, August 30, 2009

my stop-lossed cuzzin Tyler

Bill McClellan is prolly one of my top-five favorite St. Louisans and Tyler Harris is definitely numero uno. If anyone's ever seen Donnybrook on the stl pbs station, Bill is the decent person with the mustache.

Two weeks before Christmas, after being inactive for two years, buying a house with his wife and getting cozy in an awesome job, Tyler received a packet in the mail for soldiers returning to active duty. About three months later he was back in the cradle of civilization where he currently resides, undoubtedly making everyone around him realize for the first that they are morons, his awesomeness routinely illuminating their banality.

Tyler's story in his own words:

and the article Bill wrote

oh yeah, and politely tell people this is bullshit if you're so inclined

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lauren said...

great article, and i'm excited to read tyler's blog and write some hard-nosed letters and make some annoying phone calls.

i wish my job was to read blogs...