Friday, May 28, 2010

privileged belligerents

The U.N. is on the verge of politely suggesting that the C.I.A cease their campaign of drone attacks in Pakistan. The suggestion has been made that although the bombings don't fit the U.N.'s definition of war crimes, the drone pilots themselves may be subject to prosecution in Pakistan if they ever stop playing Call Of Duty long enough to visit Pakistan. Oh wait! Not even then.

"Those who think we strike at terrorists over the objections of the Pakistani government are mistaken. This is a common fight against those who menace both our countries. That fact alone renders absurd the notion that U.S. officials might be tried in a Pakistani court for counterterrorism operations."

-Unnamed U.S. Official

Oh Unnamed U.S. Official, you've provided me and your journalist contacts with so many great quotes over the years. Your so much cooler than Confidential Informant! Thanks for once again pointing out the truth at the heart of another non-story, despite your embarrassingly over-reaching definition of terrorists.

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